QUALITY CONTROL Proud of our Welders certified with AWS D 1.1, ASME Secondary IX, GMAW, SMAW & FCAW (3G) we deliver a welding of spotless quality that hardly needs any post processing. To assure our standards we are equipped with several in-house certified Welding Inspectors (CWI). Of course all our Supervisors and Inspectors are certified in Visual Weld Inspection Level II and Magnetic Particle Testing Level II. The Smith Emery Company, San Francisco, California performs quarterly Audits in our Shop. Just another Step to proof our standards is the approval as fabricator for the City of Richmond California, as outlined in Chapter 17 of the California Building Code. In each process of production we create a complete data book for every single order, holding all information in detail, including the original drawings with all original notes (even handwritten) to allow our customers to retrace every single step of the production. This original data book will always be handed out to you as our customer. IAS AC 172 Accreditation and ASME certification with valid Stamp U and S function as an additional high quality guarantee for our high level production. For further information please click on any of the banners below.